The proposed floor plans are shown opposite. The scheme looks to introduce the following mix of homes onto the site:

1 Bedroom Apartments: 2

2 Bedroom Apartments: 2

2 Bedroom Duplex Homes: 2

3 Bedroom Apartments: 5

3 Bedroom Duplex Homes: 1

A total number of 12 new homes is proposed. In line with the London plan, all homes will be to minimum spaces standards with 90% at a M4(2) level of accessibility and 10% at M4(3).
83% of the proposed homes will be dual aspect.

Proposed Ground Floor plan

The duplex homes at ground floor will each have their own front door entrance directly off Harrington Square via bridge access. Large light wells provide lighting to the bedroom spaces below.

Proposed Basement Floor plan
Proposed Level 01 and 02 Floor plan
Proposed Level 03 Floor plan
Proposed Level 04 Floor plan