Character area study

In order to aid the design process and to create a building that sits well in its context, a character area study was undertaken of Camden Town Conservation Area.

This was to better understand the character of the conservation area, the existing patterns of the streets and to highlight key repeated detailing evident within the fa├žades. A greater understanding of these characteristics allows for a proposal that harmonises with its surroundings, sits well in its context and enhances the character of the area.

Throughout the conservation area, there are numerous examples of fine mid 19th century terraced London houses. These are generally homogeneous in scale and character and uniform in appearance. Ground floors and entrances are celebrated with an increased level of decoration.

The key characteristics which are used to inform the proposal are listed below:

  1. Unique treatment to ground floors
  2. Clear and celebrated entrance
  3. Greater level of decoration to ground and first floor windows
  4. Black ironwork decorative metalwork
  5. Generally white stucco base with buff stock brickwork above
  6. Decoration reduces to upper floors
  7. Different and varied facade treatment to the top floors