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The site is located within the Borough of Camden, in close proximity
to Mornington Crescent Station and is approximately 0.05 hectare in
size. The site is currently empty and is being used as a car park for
Hurdwick House residents.

Site location

A row of terrace houses (commercial at ground) exist adjacent to the northern boundary of the site. Hurdwick House, a post war four storey block of flats exists to the south of the site with Harrington Square Gardens opposite the western boundary of the site.
The site sits within Camden Town Conservation area as indicated on the adjacent map.

Camden Town Conservation Area

The Camden Conservation Area Management Plan talks positively
about new development and investment into the area. It highlights the
following key elements a new development must achieve:

  • High quality design and execution is required (Page 40)
  • Surrounding characteristics must be identified in the design including the formality and regularity of surrounding streets. Surrounding context must be carefully assessed with the proposal responding to the form and qualities of surrounding buildings. Proposals must seek to enhance the conservation area (Page 41)
Existing Streetscape Elevation

The proposal reflects and responds to both the historical layout of the site and the classical facade of mid 19th century terrace housing evident around the site.

The scheme does not seek to replicate these façades but instead takes inspiration from the classical proportions, the rhythm of the facade, the materiality and the decoration and seeks to reinterpret these elements in a contemporary and respectful way.

In reinterpreting the key design aspects, the proposal seeks to harmonise, respect and to enhance the character of the conservation area as well as utilising an underused site and providing much needed high quality family homes.

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